The thing with food is, it takes much of natural resources – sun, water, soil, air; Not to mention human energy to grow it – prepping the soil, prepping the seed, sowing the seed, tending the earth, watering, watching, and doing it all over until it’s ready to harvest, months or years later; The harvest – be it leaves-one leaf at a time, a vegetable at a time, or fruit -climbing tree/shrub, picking, passing, gathering, cleaning; Travelling it – first to a gathering and holding location, then likely to a mode of transport, holding and travelling once more, before it reaches a kitchen. And the kitchen – another massive usage of human energy and earth resource – washing, dicing, and prepping into the way it’s to be served on a plate. Boy, I do truly believe this plate should be a massive plate, shared by many – Food is meant to be shared.

Food – The Complete Picture

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