Resting field…

Yes, land tires too! Here’s a peak at how we lay the soil to rest. This field provided us with a luscious crop of cherry tomatoes last season. (While we ate these tomatoes only in Feb, the soil has been working December-when the saplings made it in, through end-March-when we ate the last of the tomatoes.) Through the scorching months, we leave the soil covered with leaves of gliricidia sepium (a.k.a. khad jhad). This not only protects the soil from nutrients being burned up via exposure, but the leaves will also break down and by the time the rains hit, we’ll have a layer of “khad” (in this case, natural feed) in the soil. Beans will cover this field next season, allowing it to replenish its nitrogen, before we go into another crop cycle in the fall. After 2-3 such years, the field will be laid to rest for an entire season.

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