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Farming in harmony with Nature

At Vrindavan Farm, all the work – nurture of the land, trees, fruits, & herbs, is by hand – the hands of the Indigenous folk of our community, & ours. Combining indigenous wisdom with modern day knowledge, our practices are slow, deliberate, and biodynamic – working to enrich the land. For example, encouraging species biodiversity, heirloom seed selection, home-brewed fermented manures as soil feed, fermented teas as sprays, celestially harmonious sows, crop rotation & companion planting, water purification through a bio catalyst, simplistic methods to aid water retention, to name a few – slowly building toward a self-sustained, diverse, healthy, and holistic food forest. Through practice, we aim to spread within our community a return to the ancient art of natural farming.

Produce from this land include fruit (mango), herbs (superfood moringa and more), heirloom and indigenous vegetables, and spice. From these we create and offer intricately blended tisanes, fruit preserves, and brines.

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” (Thích Nhất Hạnh)

A Farmers Tree Production


Location: Palghar, Maharashtra

Farm Visits: We organize farm visits, organically, stay tuned on FB / Insta @vrindavanfarm for schedules  

Contact Us: vrindavanfarm@gmail.com

Follow Us: instagram/vrindavanfarm | facebook.com/vrindavanfarm


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