That’s All Folks!

‘Nother fabulous season – thank you all! 7 weeks and nearly 6000 kgs of mango fed to the city! Close to another 1000 kg shared locally in our village, including the birds, critters, and bacteria claiming their share. Highlights of our season…
– The land fed us more mango and variety than ever before (oh the secrets the trees hold).
– We met some amazing people. You shared our mangoes with your friends (and gave us so much Insta love), that brought more mango to more people.
– We reached nearly every corner of the city (and several others), with the mango, despite our uber small team.
– Kitchens, Cafes, Restaurants served up some super fun mango dishes (often leaving us jonsing for a taste).
– A farm visit saw folks gather and feast on the mango at source.
– Hands continue to come out of nowhere to help us.
– Spreading the sweetness at the betterfoods farmers’ market.
– At distribution, one of the most fulfilling parts of the season, while his friends were asking for raincoats, one bright lad with a mango grin said, “Didi tution dilva do” (so a side shout out – anyone educating street kids in south Bombay?)
– And finally, while buying mango, you’ll even contributed to our fund raiser to kick start an organic farm for an Adivasi farmer in our village.
Thanks for making this so much more than just a mango season.
While that’s a wrap for our fresh mango, we’ve got mango thins, aamrass, herbal teas, preserves, and other awesome produce we grow year-round.
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Amazing Encounters in Food – II

vrindavan farm, natural, organic, biodynamic, farming, farm

Farmers Market in a mountain village town

Can a simple relation of good food and man exist, even today?

A recent visit to a small community in the east of France proved it does! Made up of vibrant farmers Sandra, Blanchette and Yves, and bread-makers Nadine and Polo…

france, natural, farming, tomato, organic, biodynamic, farm, vrindavan, vrindavan farm

Sandra, the radiant tomato farmer

Sandra nurtures over 150 varieties of tomatoes in her garden, as also herbs and flowers.

vrindavan farm, natural, organic, biodynamic, farming, farm

Yves with his produce

Blanchette and Yves grow all sorts of seasonal vegetables, and when asked, What do you do with your left over produce (from a market)? Blanchette replied with full and sturdy eyes… Nothing is left over.

france, natural, farming, bread, ancient, wheat, low gluten, organic, biodynamic, farm, vrindavan, vrindavan farm

Nadiene and Polo, bakers with ancient and natural grain

france, natural, farming, tomato, organic, biodynamic, farm, vrindavan, vrindavan farm

Sandra in her tomato garden

Nadine and Polo offer bread from ancient grain that’s filled with love.

So why does it work? Small self-sufficient communities with a link between producer and consumer that’s complete. And, including the (super few) steps along the way – the farmers market, the local coop – all are dedicated to good food. The market hosts fruit farmers, vegetable producers, bread makers, cheese makers, forest foragers, and craftsmen that bring together their fabulous produce to share with the community for 4 hours, 2 days a week, year-round. And the produce is absolutely sought out by a community that wishes to eat well. It’s true… The only thing left post market are stories and an amazing sense of community.

farmers market, natural, organic, vrindavan farm, biodynamic, farming, produce

Farmers Market – you buy from the hands that grow

Thanks for sharing your lovely energy and so many seeds!