Good food

When the food’s grown good, meal prep is simple


We’re up to our toes, nay, neck in tomato!

Earlier this fall, Sandra transformed our world with her seed collection, sharing over 20 of the 150 tomato species she grows!  Needless to say, it’s much of what we’re thinking about these days.

As for the fruit masquerading as a veggie… stay tuned!


The thing with food is, it takes much of natural resources – sun, water, soil, air; Not to mention human energy to grow it – prepping the soil, prepping the seed, sowing the seed, tending the earth, watering, watching, and doing it all over until it’s ready to harvest, months or years later; The harvest – be it leaves-one leaf at a time, a vegetable at a time, or fruit -climbing tree/shrub, picking, passing, gathering, cleaning; Travelling it – first to a gathering and holding location, then likely to a mode of transport, holding and travelling once more, before it reaches a kitchen. And the kitchen – another massive usage of human energy and earth resource – washing, dicing, and prepping into the way it’s to be served on a plate. Boy, I do truly believe this plate should be a massive plate, shared by many – Food is meant to be shared.

Food – The Complete Picture