Local Superfoods

As awareness grows of the food we eat, we can inform our choices of what’s nutritionally meaningful with what’s available locally. Yes it’s true, we do have local alternatives to matcha, quinoa, and more – moringa, superfood, cntAND they’re superfoods. Read 10 Indian Alternatives to International Superfoods by Kumud Dadlani (published in Conde Nast Traveller) to learn about moringa, amaranth, and more of our local hidden treasures.


Image: Source CNT August 11, 2017

Full circle

In September 2014 (when moringa was still our hidden treasure grown only for export), we’d written a piece exposing its superfoodness for BBC Good Food*. Back then we were asked how one can source it. We’d shared… “Moringa grows everywhere! Ask your bhaji wala to bring it to you.” Today, April 2016, superfood moringa is being sold at stations, along with gajras, rs. 10 for the entire bunch. Here it comes… good food for all!


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Moringa sold on the streets of Bombay