Early Bird Special

early bird Weekly delivery of organically grown, tree ripened mango

Your Mango Share entitles you to a weekly delivery of the most popular box over the years, the Surprise Me, an assortment of the 7 varietal we grow on the farm, including hapus, kesar, rajapuri, dasseri and more. You’ll love the sweet and slightly tangy juice explosion of the massive rajapuris, the sweet intoxicating aromas of the sophisticated hapus, the princely presence of the dasseri, and learning each mangoes tale.

The deets:

  • 5 deliveries through true mango season (last week May through June).
  • 7 kg (2 to 3 dz) of ripe to semi ripe mango consumable over the course of a week.
  • Brown paper bags if you’re sharing the Mango Share.
  • Bonus jar of freshly prepared mango goodies (like mango thins, spicy mango chutney, chunky mango jam)!

Cost of Mango Share: Rs. 9500  (that’s about 500/dz + delivery costs)

Early Bird Special: 10% discount!  (that’s Rs. 8550)


Pay now & get a 10% Discount + Bonus mango product jar


Sign up today with a token Rs. 1000 (toward your mango share) & pay the rest later