From our naturally nurtured herbs, fruit, and spice, we offer carefully blended tisanes, preserves, chutneys, sun-roasts, and a whole lot more.

You can order via our menu and collect from us. For doorstep delivery, refer to our partner sites: All Things Organic | Shophop | GoNutrio (Pan India).

Herbal Teas     Gavati Cha   ~   Frangipani   ~   Roselle   ~   Moringa   ~   Mango Cha   ~   Banana Cha   ~   Tulsi Flower Cha

Preserves | Jams | Chutneys     Chili Keri Berry   ~   Green Mango Mint Jelly   ~   Mango Preserve   ~   Mango Twist Sauce   ~   Chikoo Cinnamon   ~   Holy Basil Green Mango Jelly   ~  Wildberry Jam   ~  Mint Coriander Thesa   ~  Chili Thesa

Brines | Roasts |  Spices     Tomatillos, Sun Roasted   ~   Whole Black Pepper   ~   Moringa Powder   ~   Piper Nigrem, Brine

Gifts     Artisanal Tea Box   ~   Artisanal Jute Bag   ~   Cane Gift Basket

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Take some more tea     

the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly

I’ve had nothing yet     

Alice replied in an offended tone

so I can’t take more.

You mean you can’t take less     

said the Hatter

it’s very easy to take more than nothing.


A Farmers Tree Production

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