We’ve been…

…growing heirloom tomatoes

…learning about roots

…making ghee (clarified butter)

vrindavan farm, local cows, clarified butter, ghee

…grazing and milking our growing family of cows

…making our own packaging from supari (betel) tree leaves

…fermenting edibles from the zen garden!

…expanding our heirloom tomato collection


…sourcing produce from other farmers to encourage their good practices and get them better value for their work


What’s on the horizon? … Bees! We hope to home the hardworking-pollinating-honey-making-compound-eyed ones soon.

Meeting the residents of the Zen Garden

The zen garden – our experimental patch. Here we experiment with new crops, heirloom variety, companionship, and build our seed bank for tomorrow’s meal. Each monsoon, this patch is left to rest… and as the skies dry, our work commences. Here’s a peak with its residents.